Courses Taught by Kathryn Laskey

Department of Systems Engineering  and Operations Research
George Mason University

These are courses I currently teach on a regular basis.  SYST 210 (formerly SYST 301) is offered every Fall semester. I am the regular teacher.  SYST 542 is offered most years during Fall or Spring, and occasionally during the Summer, depending on demand and faculty availability.  I teach it regularly. It is not being offered in Academic Year 2007/08, but is planned for Academic Year 2008/09.  SYST / STAT 664 is offered every other Spring semester.  The next planned offering is Spring 2009.  OR/STAT 719 is usually offered every other Fall semester. This year, it  is being offered in Spring 2008.  I also teach other courses on an occasional basis.  OR 680 is the capstone project course for the MS degree in Operations Research.  SYST 798 is the capstone project course for the MS degree in Systems Engineering.  The capstone project courses are offered every semester.  I am teaching these courses in Spring 2008.

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